Monday, September 29, 2008

What Is Acne and What Are the Most Popular Acne Treatment?

Acne, more commonly referred to as whiteheads, blackheads, nodules or pimples, is a common skin disorder found in many people living in this world. Although there are different explanations in the support of finding the causes behind developing acne, many believe that it is a result of overproduction of sebum, a waxy element that lubricates the skin area.

In order to get rid off this malady, many acne sufferers respond to specific acne treatment. There are different types of acne treatment – traditional, homeopathic, herbal and unclassified.

Traditional Acne Treatment

Tretinonin, a derivative of vitamin A, is the most commonly used drug for treating acne. This drug helps in altering the maturation of the overproduction of sebum. Thus it aids in drying up the existing blemishes, while preventing the others from developing. However, it is not free from adverse side effects, which may include a burning sensation, itching or drying out of the skin area.

Apart from this drug, Accutane is another important drug used to treat acne. However, it has risky side effects as well, which can lead to muscle pain, hair loss, itching, headaches and sometimes even birth defects. Thus, doctors only prescribe it when there is no other alternative and the situation has become seriously critical.

Homeopathic Acne Treatment

If the homeopathic acne treatment is well-formulated, it may help in treating many acne problems, however, may not offer same degree of effectiveness in treating complex issues. Homeopathic medicines used in acne treatment are Kali bromatum, Belladonna, Calcarea Silicata, Thuja occidentalis and many others. However, like any other medications, it is highly discouraged to take homeopathic medicines without the advice of expert homeopathic practitioners.

Herbal Acne Treatment

Many people prefer alternative treatment approach over the traditional ones when it comes about their acne treatment. The available herbal acne treatments are evening primrose oil, Echinacea, tea tree oil, golden seals and calendula.

Unclassified Acne Treatment

There are still more different types of acne treatment available today. For example, blue light therapy is used by many people and several researches have been conducted in the support of this therapy and found the effectiveness of it. Apart from that, there are few people who go for hypnotism in order to get rid off the pain of acne.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Care Advantages

Laser skin rejuvenation care has multi-faceted advantages. If you compare it with chemical pill or dermabrasion technique, laser skin rejuvenation care technique certainly provides you better experience. Are you scared of bleeding? Then you can definitely think about laser skin rejuvenation care technique, since it is absolutely no-bleeding option for those who are a phobic about losing blood.

In fact, laser skin rejuvenation care comes up with a promise of minimum scar. When doctors use this laser skin rejuvenation care technique, doctors get the fully freedom and flexibility to remove the damaged skin which is quite not a possible option for any other type of skin removal procedure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Care Procedure

With the advent of modern medical science, you now take the benefit of laser skin rejuvenation care to get an improved skin surface and enhanced skin texture. Here you can find the laser practitioner as an artist who uses laser beam like brushes over a canvas. In laser skin rejuvenation care technique, the practitioner smoothes out the deep wrinkles and fine lines, mostly prominent near the surrounding eye areas and mouth area. Laser skin rejuvenation care helps in softening deep laugh lines along with frown lines. With this post, you will be able to discover laser skin rejuvenation procedure and following this post, we will come up with the possible advantages and disadvantages of laser skin rejuvenation care technique.

Modus Operandi

Lotus skin rejuvenation care technique is done at certified doctor's chamber. At first, anesthetist applies local anesthesia and the level of discomfort experienced during anesthesia may vary from person to person. The recovery phase may span 7-10 days depending on other health issues. Your skin may look slightest reddened following the treatment, even up to 4 months. Patients are advised to use extensive skin block up to next 3 months following the laser skin rejuvenation care treatment. Though the number of laser skin rejuvenation care session varies from individual to individual, it may take 1-3 sessions typically.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release therapy is considered to be a tremendously useful type of massage technique which aids in lessening ache and rigidity of the various parts of the body and restores the energy that you loose in your stressful life. The other common terms used to denote this process are “hands-on therapy” and “manual therapy”. It is a temperate form of extending and harmonizing the movements which creates an intense effect in leading the tissues of the body towards relaxation.

Why to take myofascial release treatment?

Fascia is the supporting cellular system that connects all parts starting from the head to the toe. Fascia actually encloses all the tissues as well as the internal organs of body which also includes the blood vessels, nerves, bones and muscles. Hence this plays an important role in balancing the functions of the body. The fascia also plays pivotal role in metabolism, respiration, muscular movements, balance in postures and supporting the organ balance of the body. Myofascial release treatment loosens the restrictions of the face.

When the fascia tissues, which act like the communicating medium of the body, experiences infection or some kind of blockage, it results into different types of health disorders like pain, circulatory problems etc. You will feel tightness in the organs, and shrinkage of the muscular layers of the body. The immediate result is chronic pain, ache and extreme fatigue. The fascia often becomes thicker than the normal state.

The myofascial release therapy often heals these troubles quite easily and they melt the blockage. Then only the important proteins, vitamins etc are allowed to flow through the body network and the problems are solved.

Benefits of myofascial release therapy

There are quite a few benefits of myofascial release therapy. It involves special techniques of finger movements which release the excess lymph that often gets blocked in the sinuses that are present in our body. The discharge points to the ultimate relaxation of the muscles slow breaking of the fascial bonding and realignment of the fascia in a proper mode. The massage procedure is repeated till the optimum results are obtained. The results often differ with the patients.

Some people start feeling better right after the session is over and their ache get vanished easily. They start moving their joints instantly as the pain is no more there. But there are others who may face certain amount of discomfort at night after they get this massage. If there is some kind of soreness that occurred after the massage will soon go away but the benefits will be long lasting.

A typical myofascial release treatment will take at least half an hour and it can stretch up to one hour or more. The maximum number of times you receive this massage could be three times every week. People suffering from health disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash injuries, muscle spasms and fibromyalgia can try out the myofascial release massage to get rid of these.

Often the athletes and runners use the self myofascial release massage to eradicate the pain from their limbs. People with frozen shoulder can also try this out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymphathic Drainage is not a very common term for all but there is no need to be concerned about it as this is an alternative treatment method and still not much popular in the society. But before knowing this procedure you need to know what is lymphatic nodes and ducts. Lymph is kind of a liquid that flows through the nodes of the body which are located in almost all parts of the body and this aid in communication with the white blood corpuscles.

They also protect the body from various harmful viruses like cancer, fungi and some bacteria. They flow through the sinuses which are like hollow pockets that get filled with this liquid. All these make a lymphatic system just like the circulatory system in the body. When the free flow of lymph is barred for any reason the lymph nodes get blocked.

This can result in weight gain, swellings and give rise to various types of infections. These problems can be so serious that you will have to take a lot of medications and sometimes need to get yourself operated and all these because of poor lymph drainage.

Why should you take Lymph Drainage Massage?

When the body itself is not capable of getting rid of these problems manual lymph drainage is required. The Lymph Drainage Massage or Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage often helps a lot in improving the Manual Lymphathic Drainage. A professional massage therapist is aware of the positions of all the lymph nodes in all parts of the body.

They also have some effective methods of massaging up their sleeves which can slowly open the blockages of the lymph nodes and help them to drain out the liquid. These techniques are performed on the skin and often help the release of lymph through the slow movements of fingers or using small suction cups.

This massage generally targets the neck, head, trunk, abdomen and other extreme points of the body. The Lymph Drainage Massage can take approximately 45 minutes or more.

Benefits of Manual Lymphathic Drainage massage

Manual Lymphathic Drainage massage is not just another relaxing massage technique. This has a positive effect in preventing various types of diseases related to the sinus and lymph node blockages. This is also considered to be an effectual technique to treat problems like pain and sleep disorder. You will come across many people who cannot sleep peacefully at night because of a blocking nose which is normally caused due to sinus clogging.

Few sessions of the Manual Lymph Drainage can eradicate this problem completely. The immunity system within the body gets a high boost with this massage. The general diseases which can be treated with extreme effectiveness with the help of lymph drainage massage are sinus congestion, edema, rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal bloating and migraine headaches.

If you have skin problems like severe acne or burnt scars, wounds or stretch marks, this massage can be really helpful to you. This is also useful to release excess stress from the nervous system and often you feel free from anxiety with this massage. Circulatory system troubles can also be treated in this method.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Infant massage

Infant massage is not really a newly introduced method of massage. In all parts of the world all the communities have practiced this type of massage in their own ways. It was Vimala Schneider McClure who reintroduced this much practiced art in America in the year of 1970. She learnt the massage strokes that is often used by the Indian mothers and tried them on her own baby. Observing the positive effects she decided to launch this in public.

Now it has gained extreme popularity in the western countries. Apart from the mothers there are professional massage therapists who perform this infant massage in the day care centers. In fact this is a proven fact that the babies often feel perfectly caressed and nurtured through the infant massage therapy than the incubators.

This is the reason why the premature infant massage techniques are becoming popular and well practiced now-a-days. But still people often have problem accepting this fact that baby massage can aid the baby to grow into a healthy and fit one.

Infant massage benefits

The best way to show the love and care to an infant is through touch. They cannot understand your words but they can feel the warmth of your touch. Sometimes the infants also feel muscle tension, agitation due to various health problems. These can be removed with a proper baby massage procedure. It enhances the emotional bonding between the mother and the baby.

This also improves the immunity system of the baby and aids in the fast growth of the body. The babies feel secured and loved through the massage. Infant massage therapy also helps the baby to sleep well. Premature infant massage can help the babies to gain weight and this has shown a positive result in about 47% cases.

Infant massage techniques

The infant massage therapy should be performed at a certain point when both you and the baby are completely relaxed. The recommended time is after half an hour of the baby has taken some food. The room temperature should be moderately warm. First of all you need to undress the baby and make sure it is not feeling uncomfortable. You need to lay it on a soft surface. This will make the baby feel secured and comfy.

Your hands should be moist with some cream ort baby oil so that they are not coarse on the delicate skin of the baby. Then start massaging gently on various parts of the baby’s body which include the head, shoulders, face, arms, legs, chest and stomach. Keep your looks tender towards the infant and this is a better idea to cuddle it with your words. This will intensify the soothing feel of the massage.

You can let the baby change its position according to its wish so that they do not feel any stress. The eyebrows, forehead, nose and cheeks are parts of the head where your hands should move. Then gradually go down to the neck area, arm, shoulder, heels and feet. This will make the baby feel extremely relaxed and closely bonded to you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a particular type of massage that is done with the heated stones which are smooth enough not to harm your body. Generally the basalt stones are used for this purpose. The other option is the black volcanic rocks as they can absorb heat easily and retain them for long. If you feel that the hot stone massage is going to be coarse on your skin then you are wrong as they give a soothing feeling while releasing the stress from the cramped muscles.

This is comparatively recent method which was first introduced in Sweden. But the effectiveness has been identified and this is why the traditional messages are also using the hot stones therapy. The general idea about massages is that the professional therapist will touch your body but in case of the hot rock massage they might not do so and everything will depend on the massage therapy hot stones. There are no chances of getting hurt in this massage because it does not involve any painful stroke.

Benefits of hot stones therapy

The common benefits of massage with hot stones include a lot of physical as well as mental relief. First of all you will start getting excellent sleep after you opt for the hot stones therapy. Apart from this it will release all the anxiety that was bothering you. If you were experiencing back pain then the massage with hot rock will reduce it. The blood circulation in the entire body will improve and also reduce the depressions.

The hot stone massage also enhances the secretion of Endorphins inside the body which acts like the natural painkillers. It will also increase the flexibility of the joints. You will no more need to depend on the medicines for pain relief. The muscles will work more efficiently and gradually improve the mobility of your body.

How massage with hot stones work?

This massage technique was initiated by Mary Nelson a popular massage therapist from Arizona. The equipments that you will need to give this massage are round shaped basalt stones, hot water and massage oil. The hot stones for massage should be kept in hot water and heated till 140 degrees. Now the person on whom the massage will be performed should lie down on a flat surface on his front. First the massage oil is applied on the back gently. Then the stones are dried and placed on the various parts of the back.

The stones with larger size should be placed on the back for at least twenty minutes. Then the upper limbs should be massaged carefully. The neck and back area remains the main focus and the massage ends with some soothing strokes. This procedure needs to be repeated on different body parts and gradually this will remove the muscle tension. The hot rock massage is often costlier than the Swedish massages as it requires more preparation and involves complex techniques. The general cost can be 125 dollars or more in most of the popular spas.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Geriatric massage

Geriatric massage therapy is all about providing massage to the elderly people. As well all know that performing the massage techniques on a young person is completely different from the techniques that are used on the old people. There are few considerations that should be kept in mind while performing the Geriatric massage therapy. It might happen that the elderly person who has come for the massage is not mentally sound.

Often it is observed that they are somewhat agitated about the surroundings and this is the reason why the therapist needs to consider the methods and the patient’s mental state. If the person is mentally fit but there are certain physical problems then the Geriatric massage should be performed taking that into consideration.

Who should be given the Geriatric massage therapy?

Before you start applying the massage on an old person you need to have detailed information about the nature of his body. If he or she is very much prone to injuries then special care should be taken. Though there are certain benefits of the Geriatric depression but few limitations are there as well. The most important of them is that in case you experience some injury the insurance companies will not be there for you.

You can have a word with your doctor before getting the massage it would be great. The nursing homes often offer these sorts of massage under proper medical supervision. The Geriatric depression scale is often used to asses whether the elderly person is suffering from depression or not. This is a self-assessment which includes 30 items.

Benefits of Geriatric massage therapy

There are quite a number of benefits of the Geriatric massage therapy. This massage can help people who are suffering from various minor geriatric health problems. With the geriatric hand massage the agitation of an elderly person can be released within an hour. In fact researches have revealed the fact that the elderly people suffer from a problem of unfulfilled emotional need which is eliminated through the hand touch movements while performing the massage and it has better effects than the medications.

Often the patients of Alzheimer’s dieses have certain physical restlessness. The geriatric massage therapy can help in reducing this physically agitated situation. There is a “Carotid sinus massage” which has shown effects like lowering the blood pressure and heart rate and thus improving geriatric health of the people. The back massage plays an important role in releasing the anxiety and is considered as the crucial part of geriatric care. The other common physical improvements have also observed which improves the geriatric health significantly.

The circulation of body improves and muscles experience relaxation. The skin condition improves apart from the overall enhancement of body functions. They will reduce pain, reduce depression and agitation, increase memory and also increase the vitality of the body. They will be able to move in a better way than before. The patients who can get benefits from the geriatric massage therapy are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, emphysema, Sleep disorders, amputation, joint replacement, tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep Tissue Massage

“Deep Tissue Massage” is a particular procedure of massage which targets the deeper levels of tissue and muscle. Often due to various reasons different parts of the human body feels tension in the muscle layers. In this technique some typical patterns of strokes are used in a slow motion. The professionals use their fingers to perform the strokes and create pressure on the strained areas which get contracted. These massage moves have excellent impact on the deeper tissues of the body as well as the fascia and tendons.

This particular massage somewhat resembles the Swedish massage. Deep Muscle Massage can remove the knotted areas of the muscles and treat the injuries that often occur in the deep layers of the body because of poor body postures and excessive stress. The deep muscle massage uses the slower strokes and you might experience slight sore just after the massage but it will go away after some time.

This massage is generally performed in the spas and it has been observed that because of the varied benefits it has replaced the traditional Swedish massage methods in some spas. Often the athletes are seen to be really fond of this massage. The Deep Tissue Therapy was probably introduced in Canada which was officially talked about at around 1800 in the city of New York.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The slow strokes imparting pressure in the deepest layers of the muscles have a therapeutic effect in healing various muscle injuries that might have occurred due to extreme stress or poor postures through out the life. Often the blocked muscles do not allow the oxygen particles and nutrition to flow through the blood vessels which are there within the tissue layers. This is the reason why toxin is generated and clogged in the layers. The deep muscle massage with its unique techniques releases the tension and loosens the muscular cramps.

This results in toxin reduction and improves the function of the circulatory system. If your muscle tension has turned into a chronic problem then few sessions of this massage will really help. The deep tissue therapy is often applied on specific areas of the body where you face the problem. Even if you get some soreness at that particular area, this will be a very short term effect. If the massage is performed skillfully then you will start feeling far better than before.

This has been an old and tried technique that has helped in improving the problems of the athletes who are experiencing cramps in muscular layers. The effects of this massage will be enhanced if you drink enough water after getting a massage session. This massage will simply remove the stickiness of muscles which might hamper the regular movements with absolute ease. You will become fit and if there is pain in your body it will be released fast.

The diseases that can be healed with this massage are fibromyalgia, chronic pain, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle cramping. The total healing and corrective effects have made it popular among the regular spa visitors.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chair Massage

In the year of 1982 David Palmer, the director of "Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage" started thinking of innovative massage techniques and he started his experiments on the employees of "Apple computers" in 1984. Gradually they introduced the massage therapy chair in 1986 and the massage chair ratings increased quite fast.

Chair massage is somewhat different from the traditional massages which ask you to lie down on a table, get undressed and takes at least one to two hours. This is a short massage method that is done while you are sitting on a chair. These chairs are generally the specially crafted massage therapy chairs. These chairs play an important role in increasing the effects of the massage. Sometimes it is done within 5 minutes and can take maximum 30 minutes.

Who can get chair massage?

A professional can make you feel relaxed within a short span of time with the human touch massage chair techniques. The main places where you can feel the effect of chair massage are your neck, back, shoulder and arms. This is especially helpful for office workers and this is the reason why people used to feel that this is meant for the corporate workers. But actually almost everybody can take advantage of it.

This is done openly unlike the other table massage so that people can become aware of its benefits. You can get a chair massage done in the stand alone booths or massage kiosks. The other option of keeping a portable massage chair at home is simply great as you can avail the massage whenever you feel like if somebody knows the touch movements in your house.

Benefits of chair massage

This massage technique is not really useful in treating pains or disease like many other massages. This is to make the strained areas of your body relaxed and tension free. People, who keep sitting behind the desks for 8 hours everyday often feels stiffness in the neck, ache in wrists and back. These physical symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable to hamper the productivity of a worker.

Basically the fatigue often hinders the natural flow of blood and lymph in the body which might lead to serious problems and mental depression. The chair massage is a perfect solution for these sorts of problems arising from poor circulatory system functions. While sitting on a portable massage chair or shiatsu massage chair you can get a massage at office which will alleviate all the stress effects from the neck area, unwind the cramped back muscles of the body and also help the eyes to get tender respite from the stressful work.

It will help the muscles to work better, increase blood circulation and keep the body free from all sorts of injury that is linked with work stress. There are other benefits as well. People who do not have much time to spend on a massage can avail this as it takes very less time. Moreover you do not need to go through the hassle of undressing as this massage can be done with you putting on the clothes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Early Menopause Symptoms

Early menopause symptoms are somewhat similar to the symptoms of normal menopause. The most common symptom of early menopause is hot flushes. However, the other symptoms of early menopause may include –

* Night sweats
* Pains and aches
* Irritation
* Extreme itching sensation, especially under the skin area
* Distress and headache
* Unusual dryness in the vaginal area
* Reduced libido or sex drive
* Frequent urge to urinate
* Exhaustion
* Depression
* Difficulty in sleeping
* Low self esteem
* Distorted self image
* Absentmindedness

Similar to normal menopause symptoms, early menopause symptoms may vary from woman to woman quite significantly. While for some women the problem is considerably mild, for some it is quite severe and radically interferes to the quality of life.

Early menopause may lead to severe health problems for some women including osteoporosis and an increased risk for heart problem.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early Menopause

If someone gets menopause even before her 40 years of age, then the condition is referred to as early menopause. It may happen unexpectedly as a result of early damages of ovaries and when the ovaries lack the ability to produce hormones such as estrogen. Moreover, it may occur as a result of surgical intervention if the woman needs to undergo operation for ovary removal. Apart from that, sometimes chemotherapy may result in early menopause as well.

The symptoms of early menopause are somewhat similar to the normal menopause condition. However, the emotional impact may turn out to be severe for younger women of course. Since the production of estrogen is inhibited such an early age, it may result in some critical health problems in future such as osteoporosis, or cardiac problem. Women having from early menopause syndrome may have significantly higher chances of getting these problems than women having normal menopause.

It is really important to seek medical help if this is the case. Menopause treatment plan in most of the cases is designed on a long term basis and largely dependent on hormone replacement therapy, which increases the risk for developing breast cancer as well. The treatment should not be longer than the time span for normal menopause.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is an absolutely natural event in a woman's life, so there is no way out that you can prevent it from occurring in your life. However, you can of course take the help of menopause treatment to get a relief from the distressful experience of menopause symptoms. Practically, menopause treatment helps you out to fight off with the chronic and degenerative symptoms of menopause. The treatments of menopause involve:-

A) Hormone Therapy: Hormone therapy is in particular a common option included under menopause treatment. It is especially beneficial for treating hot flashes problem. Depending on personal and family medical history, doctors may recommend you having low dosage of estrogen as an integral part of hormone therapy to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes.

B) Vaginal Estrogen: Many women experience an acute dryness during menopausal days. In order to get a relief from this problem, doctors recommend having vaginal estrogen. It is administered topically with the help of vaginal tablet, cream or ring. It releases a little amount of estrogen hormone which is absorbed by the vaginal tissues and thus it offers a relief from vaginal dryness. So when used, the women get a relief from the discomforts during intercourse arising from vaginal dryness. It also helps alleviating many problems occurring in the urinary tract.

C) Different Medications: Depending on the health and psychological condition of the concerned woman, doctors advise different types of medications, ranging from anti-depressants to SERMs. Anti-depressants help in alleviating the psychological distress, mostly common among many women during this phase. High blood pressure can be a serious symptom among many women at this phase.

Medicines like Clonidine are used to control blood pressure. Apart from that, Gabapentin medication is used to treat seizure and Bisphosphonates are used to combat effectively against bone-loss problem. SERMs combine Raloxifene, which imitates the positive effects of estrogen over bone density for women at postmenopausal phase. It successfully avoids some significant adverse side effects of estrogen.