Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a particular type of massage that is done with the heated stones which are smooth enough not to harm your body. Generally the basalt stones are used for this purpose. The other option is the black volcanic rocks as they can absorb heat easily and retain them for long. If you feel that the hot stone massage is going to be coarse on your skin then you are wrong as they give a soothing feeling while releasing the stress from the cramped muscles.

This is comparatively recent method which was first introduced in Sweden. But the effectiveness has been identified and this is why the traditional messages are also using the hot stones therapy. The general idea about massages is that the professional therapist will touch your body but in case of the hot rock massage they might not do so and everything will depend on the massage therapy hot stones. There are no chances of getting hurt in this massage because it does not involve any painful stroke.

Benefits of hot stones therapy

The common benefits of massage with hot stones include a lot of physical as well as mental relief. First of all you will start getting excellent sleep after you opt for the hot stones therapy. Apart from this it will release all the anxiety that was bothering you. If you were experiencing back pain then the massage with hot rock will reduce it. The blood circulation in the entire body will improve and also reduce the depressions.

The hot stone massage also enhances the secretion of Endorphins inside the body which acts like the natural painkillers. It will also increase the flexibility of the joints. You will no more need to depend on the medicines for pain relief. The muscles will work more efficiently and gradually improve the mobility of your body.

How massage with hot stones work?

This massage technique was initiated by Mary Nelson a popular massage therapist from Arizona. The equipments that you will need to give this massage are round shaped basalt stones, hot water and massage oil. The hot stones for massage should be kept in hot water and heated till 140 degrees. Now the person on whom the massage will be performed should lie down on a flat surface on his front. First the massage oil is applied on the back gently. Then the stones are dried and placed on the various parts of the back.

The stones with larger size should be placed on the back for at least twenty minutes. Then the upper limbs should be massaged carefully. The neck and back area remains the main focus and the massage ends with some soothing strokes. This procedure needs to be repeated on different body parts and gradually this will remove the muscle tension. The hot rock massage is often costlier than the Swedish massages as it requires more preparation and involves complex techniques. The general cost can be 125 dollars or more in most of the popular spas.