Sunday, September 14, 2008

Infant massage

Infant massage is not really a newly introduced method of massage. In all parts of the world all the communities have practiced this type of massage in their own ways. It was Vimala Schneider McClure who reintroduced this much practiced art in America in the year of 1970. She learnt the massage strokes that is often used by the Indian mothers and tried them on her own baby. Observing the positive effects she decided to launch this in public.

Now it has gained extreme popularity in the western countries. Apart from the mothers there are professional massage therapists who perform this infant massage in the day care centers. In fact this is a proven fact that the babies often feel perfectly caressed and nurtured through the infant massage therapy than the incubators.

This is the reason why the premature infant massage techniques are becoming popular and well practiced now-a-days. But still people often have problem accepting this fact that baby massage can aid the baby to grow into a healthy and fit one.

Infant massage benefits

The best way to show the love and care to an infant is through touch. They cannot understand your words but they can feel the warmth of your touch. Sometimes the infants also feel muscle tension, agitation due to various health problems. These can be removed with a proper baby massage procedure. It enhances the emotional bonding between the mother and the baby.

This also improves the immunity system of the baby and aids in the fast growth of the body. The babies feel secured and loved through the massage. Infant massage therapy also helps the baby to sleep well. Premature infant massage can help the babies to gain weight and this has shown a positive result in about 47% cases.

Infant massage techniques

The infant massage therapy should be performed at a certain point when both you and the baby are completely relaxed. The recommended time is after half an hour of the baby has taken some food. The room temperature should be moderately warm. First of all you need to undress the baby and make sure it is not feeling uncomfortable. You need to lay it on a soft surface. This will make the baby feel secured and comfy.

Your hands should be moist with some cream ort baby oil so that they are not coarse on the delicate skin of the baby. Then start massaging gently on various parts of the baby’s body which include the head, shoulders, face, arms, legs, chest and stomach. Keep your looks tender towards the infant and this is a better idea to cuddle it with your words. This will intensify the soothing feel of the massage.

You can let the baby change its position according to its wish so that they do not feel any stress. The eyebrows, forehead, nose and cheeks are parts of the head where your hands should move. Then gradually go down to the neck area, arm, shoulder, heels and feet. This will make the baby feel extremely relaxed and closely bonded to you.