Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymphathic Drainage is not a very common term for all but there is no need to be concerned about it as this is an alternative treatment method and still not much popular in the society. But before knowing this procedure you need to know what is lymphatic nodes and ducts. Lymph is kind of a liquid that flows through the nodes of the body which are located in almost all parts of the body and this aid in communication with the white blood corpuscles.

They also protect the body from various harmful viruses like cancer, fungi and some bacteria. They flow through the sinuses which are like hollow pockets that get filled with this liquid. All these make a lymphatic system just like the circulatory system in the body. When the free flow of lymph is barred for any reason the lymph nodes get blocked.

This can result in weight gain, swellings and give rise to various types of infections. These problems can be so serious that you will have to take a lot of medications and sometimes need to get yourself operated and all these because of poor lymph drainage.

Why should you take Lymph Drainage Massage?

When the body itself is not capable of getting rid of these problems manual lymph drainage is required. The Lymph Drainage Massage or Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage often helps a lot in improving the Manual Lymphathic Drainage. A professional massage therapist is aware of the positions of all the lymph nodes in all parts of the body.

They also have some effective methods of massaging up their sleeves which can slowly open the blockages of the lymph nodes and help them to drain out the liquid. These techniques are performed on the skin and often help the release of lymph through the slow movements of fingers or using small suction cups.

This massage generally targets the neck, head, trunk, abdomen and other extreme points of the body. The Lymph Drainage Massage can take approximately 45 minutes or more.

Benefits of Manual Lymphathic Drainage massage

Manual Lymphathic Drainage massage is not just another relaxing massage technique. This has a positive effect in preventing various types of diseases related to the sinus and lymph node blockages. This is also considered to be an effectual technique to treat problems like pain and sleep disorder. You will come across many people who cannot sleep peacefully at night because of a blocking nose which is normally caused due to sinus clogging.

Few sessions of the Manual Lymph Drainage can eradicate this problem completely. The immunity system within the body gets a high boost with this massage. The general diseases which can be treated with extreme effectiveness with the help of lymph drainage massage are sinus congestion, edema, rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal bloating and migraine headaches.

If you have skin problems like severe acne or burnt scars, wounds or stretch marks, this massage can be really helpful to you. This is also useful to release excess stress from the nervous system and often you feel free from anxiety with this massage. Circulatory system troubles can also be treated in this method.