Monday, September 1, 2008

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is an absolutely natural event in a woman's life, so there is no way out that you can prevent it from occurring in your life. However, you can of course take the help of menopause treatment to get a relief from the distressful experience of menopause symptoms. Practically, menopause treatment helps you out to fight off with the chronic and degenerative symptoms of menopause. The treatments of menopause involve:-

A) Hormone Therapy: Hormone therapy is in particular a common option included under menopause treatment. It is especially beneficial for treating hot flashes problem. Depending on personal and family medical history, doctors may recommend you having low dosage of estrogen as an integral part of hormone therapy to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes.

B) Vaginal Estrogen: Many women experience an acute dryness during menopausal days. In order to get a relief from this problem, doctors recommend having vaginal estrogen. It is administered topically with the help of vaginal tablet, cream or ring. It releases a little amount of estrogen hormone which is absorbed by the vaginal tissues and thus it offers a relief from vaginal dryness. So when used, the women get a relief from the discomforts during intercourse arising from vaginal dryness. It also helps alleviating many problems occurring in the urinary tract.

C) Different Medications: Depending on the health and psychological condition of the concerned woman, doctors advise different types of medications, ranging from anti-depressants to SERMs. Anti-depressants help in alleviating the psychological distress, mostly common among many women during this phase. High blood pressure can be a serious symptom among many women at this phase.

Medicines like Clonidine are used to control blood pressure. Apart from that, Gabapentin medication is used to treat seizure and Bisphosphonates are used to combat effectively against bone-loss problem. SERMs combine Raloxifene, which imitates the positive effects of estrogen over bone density for women at postmenopausal phase. It successfully avoids some significant adverse side effects of estrogen.