Sunday, September 7, 2008

Early Menopause Symptoms

Early menopause symptoms are somewhat similar to the symptoms of normal menopause. The most common symptom of early menopause is hot flushes. However, the other symptoms of early menopause may include –

* Night sweats
* Pains and aches
* Irritation
* Extreme itching sensation, especially under the skin area
* Distress and headache
* Unusual dryness in the vaginal area
* Reduced libido or sex drive
* Frequent urge to urinate
* Exhaustion
* Depression
* Difficulty in sleeping
* Low self esteem
* Distorted self image
* Absentmindedness

Similar to normal menopause symptoms, early menopause symptoms may vary from woman to woman quite significantly. While for some women the problem is considerably mild, for some it is quite severe and radically interferes to the quality of life.

Early menopause may lead to severe health problems for some women including osteoporosis and an increased risk for heart problem.