Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chair Massage

In the year of 1982 David Palmer, the director of "Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage" started thinking of innovative massage techniques and he started his experiments on the employees of "Apple computers" in 1984. Gradually they introduced the massage therapy chair in 1986 and the massage chair ratings increased quite fast.

Chair massage is somewhat different from the traditional massages which ask you to lie down on a table, get undressed and takes at least one to two hours. This is a short massage method that is done while you are sitting on a chair. These chairs are generally the specially crafted massage therapy chairs. These chairs play an important role in increasing the effects of the massage. Sometimes it is done within 5 minutes and can take maximum 30 minutes.

Who can get chair massage?

A professional can make you feel relaxed within a short span of time with the human touch massage chair techniques. The main places where you can feel the effect of chair massage are your neck, back, shoulder and arms. This is especially helpful for office workers and this is the reason why people used to feel that this is meant for the corporate workers. But actually almost everybody can take advantage of it.

This is done openly unlike the other table massage so that people can become aware of its benefits. You can get a chair massage done in the stand alone booths or massage kiosks. The other option of keeping a portable massage chair at home is simply great as you can avail the massage whenever you feel like if somebody knows the touch movements in your house.

Benefits of chair massage

This massage technique is not really useful in treating pains or disease like many other massages. This is to make the strained areas of your body relaxed and tension free. People, who keep sitting behind the desks for 8 hours everyday often feels stiffness in the neck, ache in wrists and back. These physical symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable to hamper the productivity of a worker.

Basically the fatigue often hinders the natural flow of blood and lymph in the body which might lead to serious problems and mental depression. The chair massage is a perfect solution for these sorts of problems arising from poor circulatory system functions. While sitting on a portable massage chair or shiatsu massage chair you can get a massage at office which will alleviate all the stress effects from the neck area, unwind the cramped back muscles of the body and also help the eyes to get tender respite from the stressful work.

It will help the muscles to work better, increase blood circulation and keep the body free from all sorts of injury that is linked with work stress. There are other benefits as well. People who do not have much time to spend on a massage can avail this as it takes very less time. Moreover you do not need to go through the hassle of undressing as this massage can be done with you putting on the clothes.