Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep Tissue Massage

“Deep Tissue Massage” is a particular procedure of massage which targets the deeper levels of tissue and muscle. Often due to various reasons different parts of the human body feels tension in the muscle layers. In this technique some typical patterns of strokes are used in a slow motion. The professionals use their fingers to perform the strokes and create pressure on the strained areas which get contracted. These massage moves have excellent impact on the deeper tissues of the body as well as the fascia and tendons.

This particular massage somewhat resembles the Swedish massage. Deep Muscle Massage can remove the knotted areas of the muscles and treat the injuries that often occur in the deep layers of the body because of poor body postures and excessive stress. The deep muscle massage uses the slower strokes and you might experience slight sore just after the massage but it will go away after some time.

This massage is generally performed in the spas and it has been observed that because of the varied benefits it has replaced the traditional Swedish massage methods in some spas. Often the athletes are seen to be really fond of this massage. The Deep Tissue Therapy was probably introduced in Canada which was officially talked about at around 1800 in the city of New York.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The slow strokes imparting pressure in the deepest layers of the muscles have a therapeutic effect in healing various muscle injuries that might have occurred due to extreme stress or poor postures through out the life. Often the blocked muscles do not allow the oxygen particles and nutrition to flow through the blood vessels which are there within the tissue layers. This is the reason why toxin is generated and clogged in the layers. The deep muscle massage with its unique techniques releases the tension and loosens the muscular cramps.

This results in toxin reduction and improves the function of the circulatory system. If your muscle tension has turned into a chronic problem then few sessions of this massage will really help. The deep tissue therapy is often applied on specific areas of the body where you face the problem. Even if you get some soreness at that particular area, this will be a very short term effect. If the massage is performed skillfully then you will start feeling far better than before.

This has been an old and tried technique that has helped in improving the problems of the athletes who are experiencing cramps in muscular layers. The effects of this massage will be enhanced if you drink enough water after getting a massage session. This massage will simply remove the stickiness of muscles which might hamper the regular movements with absolute ease. You will become fit and if there is pain in your body it will be released fast.

The diseases that can be healed with this massage are fibromyalgia, chronic pain, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle cramping. The total healing and corrective effects have made it popular among the regular spa visitors.