Monday, August 11, 2008

Offer Unconditional Support and Love

Helping Someone to Quit Smoking: a Personal Account (Part-3) continued from (Part-2)

Love is such a pure feeling that can not be compromised under any circumstances. Love should be unconditional always. So is true with support. When you are providing support to a would-be-quitter, it should not be conditional, such as “if you can quit smoking, you will have all my support then.” This is wrong unless you don’t love the person core from your heart.

Whatever be the circumstances, you should not fail showing your love for the concerned person. Remember, at the initial phases of quitting, the would-be-quitter may show irritation and anxiety. These are very common and are the part of withdrawal symptoms. Apart from these symptoms, the smokers feel depressed and a strong urge to smoke.

I can share my current condition with you now. Initially, my husband decided to quit the habit all at once and he maintained a long 15 hours of abstinence, but then he found it tough to stay away from it. Then he smoked one cigarette. Now he is having three cigarettes each day and has a plan to reduce it to 2 and then 1. Let’s see.

Since quitting nicotine addiction is primarily a subjective experience, no one can say that this way is better than that way. So, I will definitely keep you updated about my husband’s smoking habits, if he becomes able to quit smoking or not. Stay tuned till then.

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