Sunday, August 10, 2008

Offer Encouragement

Helping Someone to Quit Smoking: a Personal Account (Part-2) continued from (Part-1)

Offer as much encouragement as possible for you. Currently my husband is trying to quit smoking and he is just doing his best right now. Well, he used to be a hard-core smoker for past 10 long years. He used to smoke 15-18 cigarettes on a daily basis. He was planning to quit smoking for last few weeks.

He used to started making complain about his own usage and the money wasted on such a bad habit. It was pretty unusual since he always nagged on for the opposite such as “since I am spending so many hours at home working and do not spend much time for amusements, so I can spend money on cigarettes”, or “I love smoking cigarettes, and I find no real reason to quit”.

So, you can see it is quite unusual when initially he started complaining about his smoking habit. I am not saying that my reaction to him was the ideal reaction, but I did only smile, not reacting in other way. But with my smile, I just implied that ‘I am with you’. I believe this is one of the most important things that an addict is looking for.