Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How the South Beach Diet Works

The planning of the South Beach Diet depends on the fact that Americans are carbohydrates-prone. This is why the induction phase is induced. The first 14 days are intentionally designed as a carb abstinence phase. This phase helps people to quit their carb consuming habits. It is the help of this phase the intake of carbohydrates is significantly minimized throughout the entire South Beach Diet plan.

According to South Beach Diet theoretical approach, highly processed carbohydrates are highly digestible. So when you consume highly processed carbohydrate foods, your insulin level increases sharply. Insulin promotes to build up faster sugar in the blood stream. So, when your insulin level rises, you will feel more urge to eat more food. So, when you are feeling strong urge to eat, what are you going to consume? More carbs, isn’t it?

So, the South Beach Diet helps in breaking this vicious cycle of consuming more carbs. With the help of the South Beach Diet, you will consume less food, yet, better food