Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not All Weight Loss Herbs Are Beneficial, Rather Harmful!

We all know how serious obesity problem is nowadays. Life becomes really tougher. The attraction of junk foods containing unhealthy saturated fat and other greasy contents is simply unavoidable, while on the other hand, many of us suffering from serious obesity problem. Granted there are many medications are now available with a promise to lose excessive weight. However, these medications may come with adverse side effects. In order to avoid these adverse side effects, many people now switch to herbal solution for weight loss with a belief that these herbs will offer them natural solution without any possible harmful effects. But this is not true. Read this post to discover more.

There are few herbs that are strictly prohibited by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for possible serious negative side effects. As confirmed by FDA, these side effects may lead to even death. So you must STAY AWAY from these herbs.


This is also referred to as ma huang. There are many dishonest herbal weight loss solution providers who use Ephedra as an ingredient in their product. But when it is mixed in higher dosage in the solution, it increases the blood pressure, lifts up heart beat and promotes hyper-stimulation of central nervous system (CNS). According to FDA studies, the use of Ephedra may lead to serious heart palpitations, chest pain, stroke, heart attack and seizure and even death.

Herbal Fen-phen

This is dangerous. In this weight loss supplement, known as fen fen, Ephedra is used as the primary ingredient. Although it is sold to many people with a strong desire for weight loss, it may lead to severe side effects including irregular heartbeats, stroke and heart attack and even death.

Herbal Laxatives

Although many fraudulent sellers use herbal laxatives as a mode of weight loss supplements, these are also harmful. Herbal laxatives are sold as cascara, buckthorn, rhubarb root, diet tea, senna and aloe. These herbs may result in diarrhea, muscle cramping and if used in high dosage, it may cause serious hamper to your natural bowel function.