Monday, August 4, 2008

The Benefits of Atkins Diet (Part-3)

Continued from yesterday’s post

However, like any other popular diet plans, Atkins Diet is not free from criticism. Skeptics of this plan argue that Atkins Diet offers a short term benefit and it may be possibly packed with health risks as the amount of fat intake is not restricted, so saturated fat leads in increasing heart risk and increased ketones may lead to weakness, vomiting and a possibly hazardous fluid loss.

So, it is strongly advised that you should consult dieticians and your doctors before you fix your mind on any diet plan or start dieting. Atkins Diet plan should only be used under strict supervision. Although the simplicity of this diet plan may encourage to believe or to use it abruptly, it should not be done so. Now it is up to you, make your mind and take a decision to lose your weight wisely.

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