Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Benefits of Atkins Diet (Part-1)

According to Atkins Diet, we are able to alter our own metabolism and lose weight accordingly by consuming foods rich in proteins and fat and by restricting carbohydrate intakes. When you consume high volume of carbohydrate, you are practically moving at higher risk for developing increased amount of insulin, which promotes increased level of hunger and weight gain problem. Consequently, you are gaining weight when you are feeding yourself by diet rich in carbohydrate.

Atkins Diet program works on 4 consecutive phases – (1) induction, (2) ongoing weight loss, (3) pre-maintenance and (4) lifetime maintenance. In the first phase, the program intends to take the body into the state of ketosis as an immediate effect and the carbohydrate intake at this stage is limited up to 20 net gm each day. Following this phase, the carbohydrate intake gradually decreases as the phase progresses.