Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are You Really Getting the Truth behind Cholesterol Lowering Drugs? If Not, This Is the Perfect Time to Read this Piece (Part-2)

Continued from yesterday’s post

Although the majority of people believe that high cholesterol does serious harm to your health, several studies but say some another story. In fact, a wide number of studies actually claim that the higher our cholesterol is, the better would be our health, and vice versa. Unfortunately, the millions billions dollar pharmaceutical industry has manipulated the truth and present it to something else, far from actual reality. It is very important to generate mass awareness as soon as possible in order to minimize the number of mortality as caused due to heart disease.

How the Healthy People Turn Out to Be Patients over Time

As estimated by American Heart Association, nearly 105 million people in the United States are having cholesterol level of 200mg/dL or over. Can you assume what it means to the pharmaceutical companies? Yes, you are just right, it means 105 million patients to these pharmaceutical companies. To be honest with my readers, these pharmaceutical companies are greedy and dishonest and that compel them to design their MASS FEAR CAMPAIGN against cholesterol. With their false campaigns they make the general people afraid of cholesterol. These campaigns are advocated by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), who persuaded to the people living on the surface of the earth that LDL cholesterol is harmful for health.