Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Is eDiets?

eDiets is referred to the largest online weight loss program. It is one of the most common and popular weight loss diets. They host the largest community and the number of current registered members is not less than 1.3 millions. Recommended and awarded by many popular publications like Forbes, Time Magazine and many others, eDiets are now advocated by many different organizations.

eDiets are subscription based system and the members need to pay on a quarterly basis. Members receive benefits like customizable diet plan, recipes, shopping list, access to online body calculator and email assistance. Launched in the year of 1996, ediets have made significant changes in their diet plan, which are also subject to change and they are going to add more.

Here is a sampling list to give you an idea what eDiets may cover in recent times –

* Atkins Nutritional Approach

* Bill Phillips’ Eating For Life

* Cholesterol Lowering

* Weight Loss Plan

* Glycemic Impact Diet

* Healthy Soy

* Heart Smart Diet (based off the AHA plan)

* High Fiber

* Lactose Free

* Low Sodium

* Low Sugar

* Low-Fat

* Mediterranean Diet

* Type 2 Diabetes Diet

* Vegetarian

eDiets have many successful testimonials. They have huge branding and advertisements. The successful combination of nutrition and healthy lifestyle can certainly do well to you if you are able to follow them wisely.