Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Is Carb, Not Fat, That Put You into Trouble

Are you afraid of consuming fat in a fear that you will put on weight? Now you can take the pride of eating healthy fat food after going through this article. Carbohydrates in any form - be it jam, sugar, pasta, bread, vegetables, fruit - do the same to your body, and all of them ultimately are translated into blood sugar, or glucose.

The carbs are processed very fast within our body. This implies that the carb-rich so called 'healthy food' provide a rapid boost of glucose within our bloodstream. However, this is not the case with fat rich foods. Look at the following pictures, and you will easily understand what I mean.

Quite obviously, high blood glucose level is not healthy, rather dangerous. It is mainly because when blood glucose level rises rapidly within bloodstream, the pancreas starts producing huge amount of insulin to take out the additional amount of glucose as shown in the second picture. This the primary point to be noted that insulin is responsible for bodily fat storage. Since fats no way are related in drawing out insulin response, they cannot be responsible for fat storage. So don’t put your ear on when you hear someone saying not to eat fats, as fats will put on your weight.

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Sandy Halliday The Detox Specialist said...

Great article and very true but chemicals can make you fat too. The is a lot of evidence that toxic chemicals that enter our bodies from water, food and air contribute to the obesity epidemic.

They interfere with the body's weight control mechanism. How do you solve this? Detox! When you detox the chemicals the weight control system can function better.

Of course you still have to eat healthy food and pay attention to the facts in your article.