Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About Stop Smoking Pill

Smoking cigarettes for a prolonged period of time makes one addicted on it. Like any other addiction, it becomes a habit which is hard to quit. Several attempts are taken by smokers who are really serious about their quitting. Stop smoking pill is one of among them. It helps in reducing cigarette craving and alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

Medications like Wellbutrin and Zyban are a very popular name for stop smoking pill. Zyban has antidepressant property and it helps in releasing endorphin secretion. Endorphin secretion helps in having enhanced energy level and provides a 'feel good' feeling. These stop smoking pills contain Bupropion hydrochloride that helps in combating against withdrawal symptoms.

There are few side effects of stop smoking pill. These side effects may include depression, anxiety, irritation, insomnia, dry mouth, bizarre dreams and atypical libido. Needless to say, all these side effects coupled with withdrawal symptoms make the condition badly complicated.