Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pharmaceutical Market Statistics

Are You Really Getting the Truth behind Cholesterol Lowering Drugs? If Not, This Is the Perfect Time to Read this Piece (Part-4) continued from (Part-3)

In the year 2002, cholesterol lowering drugs covered the total share of 12.5 billion in the market, which holds basically 6.5% of the total market. Geared by excessive marketing campaign, the sales of cholesterol lowering drugs continued to heave. In the year 2004, only Lipitor held the 10 billion dollar market and needless to say, the quantity is increasing day by day. Quite obviously, huge revenue outshines the actual fact. Statin drugs are of no exception. This is why you will once in a blue moon hear the truth about the wellbeing and effectiveness of these drugs. In its place, what you will usually hear is the market propaganda geared on the way to healthy individuals who have enough and secure level of cholesterol. But the fact is: high level of cholesterol can promote longer life and there is no role played by the statin drugs except increasing the health risks of the person involved.