Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Major Obstacles to Healthy Weight Loss Plan

We all are looking for healthy weight loss plan. Unfortunately, there is a real big gap between our desire and reality indeed. So is true to get a real healthy weight loss plan, since there are so many obstacles we have to fetch when we opt to have a healthy weight loss plan. Let us find out what are those obstacles so that we can be more aware on that issue.

There are both psychological and physical burdens that make it more difficult to carry out with this healthy weight loss plan. When we talk about psychological part, the first thing that brings attention is a strong feeling of deprivation. After all, the carbs, sugars and fats are curtailed from your diet, what else is left then, huh? Secondly, you feel depressed, since you are precisely isolated in many social gatherings. You have to say, "Sorry, I am on diet and not having it!", "Sorry, but I guess, this one is not for me!, "Nop, I am just quite OK with this (boring) diet!"

This leads to de-motivation, and needless to say, with a strong desire to discontinue the strictness of diet and soon after, you are far away from your (boring) diet. So when you are on a healthy diet, you do have a cycle of psychological breakdowns. Although sounds easy, but some of them are really tough to face.

Now when we talk about physical part, the first thing is to gain weight even after following so many strict and boring schedules. Another problem is not being able to maintain weight. In this case, an individual loses weight, but soon he regains. Quite frustrating, huh? Another unavoidable problem is with slow metabolism. When you minimize your calorie intake, you metabolism turns out to be slower. This leads to weight gain.

I am not talking about financial part, since you all know well, even you can't lose your weight for 1 pound, but you need to spend huge bucks just to get the plan or staying aligned to it. So these are the obstacles to healthy weight loss plan and these are the major determinants of the failure of such plans. Be aware.