Monday, August 25, 2008

Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements

"Mirror, Mirror, tell me, is there anyone more beautiful than me?" No, I am not talking about any fairytale stories. Although in fairytales we all have heard of it from a witch, but in reality, probably there is no one who does not find him or her more beautiful than others. If s/he thinks in other way, probably s/he might have a strong desire to become beautiful.

Body shape is one of the most important determinants of physical beauty. All of us want to stay in good shape. While obesity is an increasing problem and growing in most developed and developing countries at an alarming rate, the health conscious people wish to lose their excessive weight as well. This is where many weight loss supplements take an entry.

Weight loss supplements are available in different forms – most commonly herbs or pills claiming a wise solution from the problem of obesity or overweight. Now let us find out some information on 2 popular weight loss supplements. Here we go.


Found in the shell of the lobster, shellfish and shrimp, chitosan is a form of indigestible fiber. It works as a fat-binder and absorber. Not enough scientific reports have been documented yet to support the effectiveness of such weight loss supplements. It comes with few common side effects such as allergic reactions, gas problem and constipation.


Found in the form of chromium picolinate, it works as a lean mass booster and body fat reducer. There is a strong debate associated with its effective usage. While one group of the debater touts about its safety, the other group doubts.